About us

As an Italian restaurant set in the riverside town of Twickenham, pasta di pizza offers the taste of traditionally cooked Italian food in a friendly welcoming environment. We cater for groups of all sizes and have a party menu for every occasion. We aim to bring you not only famous Italian dishes like pasta and pizza prepared to the highest standards but also superb examples of excellent wines and beers.

Our menu is changed regularly and we have constantly changing special menus, but we retain a range of traditional favorites for our regulars.


We hope you will be prepared to experiment a little and enjoy some very pleasant surprises.




We use Italian Tipo 00 Flour at pasta di piazza, this gives our pizza dough an incredible super-smooth texture. In our opinion the crust is the most important part of a good pizza. A good crust should have some bite and chew and serious flavor. It shouldn't just be a bland base. Our secret is an overnight (or really, up to 3-day) rest in the refrigerator, where the dough ferments and develops deeper flavor.